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Design and maintenance

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Your website not only has to be well designed, but it also has to be easy to maintain. With a solution like WordPress – or a similar option – ┬áthe user itself has the option to add new content to their very own site without any real knowledge about programing or web-development. It is even quite simple to set it up so you can just grab your smartphone or tablet to publish a new article on your webpage or edit the text of an existing page. You can do all of this without worrying about messing up what you already have published.

We use opensource solutions like Wordpres, LibreOffice, and Linux, Gimp, Inkscape. We want to be as transparent as we can be. By using opensource we can reach this achievement and we also give and show our support to the community behind these special and reliable software's. We are committed to do as less harm as possible to our planet. We run our websites on servers which are powered by green energy.


Our prices are not set in stone. Since most of the projects are rather flexible, our rates may vary. The needs of the client...

Who we are

Within Snowclone the team has over 15 years combined knowledge of working in the IT sector and internet related business in particular. Our experience...

Why do you need a website?

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