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Within Snowclone the team has over 15 years combined knowledge of working in the IT sector and internet related business in particular. Our experience with the development of websites and the creative process surrounding it, writing web content, then translating that content for localisation purposes, and helping with integration of social media channels for projects and customers made us aware of the specific needs of smaller companies within the internet age.

Nowadays every company can find benefits in having a good website and use that website to further maximise all their potential. The ability to reach the public and the option for people to find you on the web is essential. Thousand of companies know that and they offer you a fast and cheap way of setting up a website in no time, most of them promising you the ability to get your website up and running without necessary knowledge about coding or IT.

While that may have it’s merits, we personally believe that is not the right way. Every business has their own profile, their own aims, and their very own target group to reach. Different people have different needs, therefore your company website has to be different as well.
As a small business or a one person company, people do not always have the option to create their own website. More so if their specific area of expertise has nothing to do with IT or the internet itself.

This is where we think Snowclone comes in. We like to be there specificly for these kind of companies. We believe that the small companies are very important and form an integral part of our social and commercial environment. We like to help the starting companies that did not get around to shaping their online presence, the companies that never really needed a website before now, and we would like to be there for our local companies, for people with potential and motivation for their own field of business. None of those companies need to market themselves online like the multinational conglomerates, but they all will benefit from establishing themselves to be found online by their target audience.

We use opensource solutions like Wordpres, LibreOffice, and Linux, Gimp, Inkscape. We want to be as transparent as we can be. By using opensource we can reach this achievement and we also give and show our support to the community behind these special and reliable software's. We are committed to do as less harm as possible to our planet. We run our websites on servers which are powered by green energy.


Our prices are not set in stone. Since most of the projects are rather flexible, our rates may vary. The needs of the client...

Who we are

Within Snowclone the team has over 15 years combined knowledge of working in the IT sector and internet related business in particular. Our experience...

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