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Why do you need a website?

Posted on September 29th, by Snowclone in Uncategorized, Written Articles. Comments Off on Why do you need a website?

The answer is quite simple and nowadays a lot of people can give you an answer to this question. For a company to be taken seriously, you are almost forced to represent your business on the World Wide Web, not in the least because your competition is doing so. It has become a necessity for people to be able to find out about you. If it is possible for potential customers to look up information and details about your company online, preferably by finding you in search engines like Google or Bing, that creates an opportunity for your market to grow.
While that may indeed be true, it is not the only aspect of having a website that counts. Finding your website in Yahoo is a good thing, but only if the image that your website is projecting to your visitors is a good one. One that is in line with your personal vision.
Having a good and functional site does not always immediately equal making more money, increasing your profit magins or having more customer finding their way to you. No one can offer you that guarantee. However a well-made website can help your business in the right direction  and help customers choose for your company if they are in need of services you can offer.

It all comes down to another form of promotion. A website let clients find out about you and informs them in a positive way about your company, product, or service. But, that only works if the site tell them about you and represents you. By providing them the information about who you are and what you could be doing for them.

Not every website offers that kind of representation. A badly built and/or designed site could cause you more harm than good. That’s why it is important to pay attention to all details when you make that step to put your company online. You need to have a clear idea about what the purpose of your website is. Is your main aim to build a (small) online community? Or is the main goal that people are able to contact you when you are not able to speak to them directly? Is your website clearly showing it’s visitors what your business can do for them? Or do you want to sell a product online or offer additional services?

We use opensource solutions like Wordpres, LibreOffice, and Linux, Gimp, Inkscape. We want to be as transparent as we can be. By using opensource we can reach this achievement and we also give and show our support to the community behind these special and reliable software's. We are committed to do as less harm as possible to our planet. We run our websites on servers which are powered by green energy.


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Why do you need a website?

The answer is quite simple and nowadays a lot of people can give you an answer to this question. For a company to be...